Monday, 15 October 2012

My Home, My Castle?

Update - Today (October 22) Toronto police have just announced the arrest of a suspect in the recent spate of sexual assaults in the neighborhood. Apparently the suspect is fifteen (15) years old. OMG.

I live in a "good" neighborhood in downtown Toronto. By "good," I mean that it's considered a desirable neighborhood to live in for those seeking a "downtown lifestyle." Housing prices start upwards from about $600,000 and a lot of urban professionals (young and not so young) choose to live and raise families here - if they can afford it.

Nonetheless - bad things also happen in "good" neighborhoods. Media are reporting that a sexual predator is making the rounds, attacking women in and around nearby Christie Pits park. Houses, garages and cars are being broken into with increasing frequency. Just the other day from my living room window, I personally witnessed an old woman walk into my backyard, into my garage, where she helped herself to the empty beer bottles that were in there. I have no problem donating my beer empties to those who are less fortunate, but it creeped me out to discover that my family's personal space could be violated so easily, and apparently so regularly.

The moral of the story? Bad things happen these days, even in "good" neighborhoods. And to my neighbors in Seaton Village, be mindful and take care of your possessions and of your loved ones.

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