Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Bike theft - Up close and definitely personal

As you can probably guess from the images on this blog, I am a cyclist. A "serious" cyclist, in fact. I ride my bicycle 12 months a year, including through Canadian winters (that's what makes me "serious" about cycling.)

Like almost all serious cyclists in Toronto, I have suffered from numerous bike thefts over the years. Most recently, it happened about two weeks ago in the heart of the downtown core. I locked my bike in the public bike racks of a major office tower to go to a business meeting. Imagine my surprise when upon my return, my $1,000 bike was missing and all that was left was my shattered lock (apparently snipped with bolt cutters) and my helmet lying on the ground.

Of course the crowds of people in the immediate vicinity noticed nothing suspicious about someone snipping a bicycle lock with bolt cutters...

Anyone who has ever suffered this (numerous times) is aware of the profound sense of violation and anger one feels when something as personal as a bicycle gets stolen from a public and visible place.

Well - now I have a brand new bike. And to the pathetic thief who stole my primary vehicle - enjoy your fix!

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